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About Filmtools


About Filmtools
Filmtools has been online since 1996 as the web's first store dedicated to supporting the Motion Picture Camera Department. Over the years Filmtools has expanded, aiming to supply all studio departments and aspects of filmmaking including equipment and supplies for Directors, Gaffers, Lighting Technicians, Grips, and Electricians as well as independent filmmakers and students. Our mission is to supply you with unequaled service and product selection. For those of you in the L.A. area, come on by our retail store - we'd like to meet you. If you're working on a project locally, you can send a runner for immediate pick-up, or we can make emergency deliveries, including over-the-counter freight rates for most major airlines at BUR or LAX.

Filmtools History
Stan and Kim McClain, the owners of Filmtools founded a business called Pasadena Camera Systems in 1985 with Dan Wolfe. PCS was the first U.S. based Wescam Agency and also rented motion picture and still camera equipment. The company was sold and now operates as Samy's Camera Pasadena. 

With the proceeds from Pasadena Camera, the McClains founded and opened Expendables Online in June 2000. One month after opening, they bought a small, six year-old, one-person, home-based business in Nashville called Filmtools.com, which had an established online presence and condensed the two entities into Filmtools.

Since 1982 Stan McClain has also been a D.P. and worked on over 50 motion pictures, mostly as an aerial cinematographer. Stan retired from working in the air in 2003.Stan McClain was president of the Society of Operating Cameramen 1997-1999 and received the 1999 Dedicated Service Award. 

Secure Shopping at Filmtools
All of Filmtools' customer's personal and financial information is conducted on secure pages, and Filmtools' Privacy Policy assures you that we do not share or sell any of our customers' profiles, addresses, or any other information what-so-ever. 

About the Trademarked name "Filmtools"
The term "Film Tools" was first used by Ron Coons in the early 1990's and later merged into the unique word "Filmtools" and first used in commerce by Ron in 1994 when he changed the name of his company from Camware to Filmtools. In 2000, Stan McClain, Inc bought all the rights to the term Film Tools and trade name Filmtools. The word Filmtools is a Registered U.S. Service Mark of Stan McClain Inc. and is protected under U.S. and international Trade Mark laws. Using the word Filmtools in advertising to promote competitive companies or products, including the use of using Filmtools as a keyword or paid AdWord, or within an extended URL, is a federal offense.