Accu-Chart HDCR. High Definition Color Reference Chart

  • Filmtools #: 10520
  • Mfr #: HDCR
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Product Features
  • Accu-Chart Color Reference Chart
  • Designed for HD DITS and engineers
  • Masures 10" x 16.5"
  • Six highly saturated color bars
  • Neutral background of approximately 50% reflectance
  • Can be used for 4:3 aspect ratio

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The Accu-Chart Color Reference Chart, Model HDCR is a "Color Bars" Chart designed for HD DITS and engineers to color balance their cameras and monitors when used with a waveform monitor. The actual chart measures 10" x 16.5" and has a hinged flap that acts as a table top stand.

The Accu-Chart Color Reference Chart consists of six highly saturated color bars in the three primary colors (red, green, and blue) and their compliments (Cyan, magenta, and yellow). Also on the chart is a neutral background of approximately 50% reflectance.

The chart is a subjective color reference and is not intended to produce a display on a vectorscope corresponding to an electronically generated color bar signal.

The color reference chart should be used to verify proper color rendition by simultaneously observing the chart and its televised image on a properly adjusted picture monitor.

The chart may also be used to record a color reference on field-recorder tapes to assist in adjusting TV receiver or monitor color controls during playback.

The Accu-Chart can be used for 4:3 aspect ratio by viewing the area inside of the vertical dotted lines.