Azden PRO-XD 2.4 GHz Digital Wireless Lavalier System

  • Filmtools #: 53521
  • Mfr #: PRO-XD
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Product Features
  • Operates in 2.4 GHz wireless range
  • High gain output alleviates noise and hiss produced by low-quality camera preamps
  • Mobile device compatible
  • Auto sync between transmitter and receiver
  • Operating range of 35 meters or more in optimal conditions
  • Rechargeable internal batteries
  • Wide frequency response and low internal noise
  • Headphone monitor output
  • Line in aux input

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The Azden PRO-XD 2.4 GHz Digital Wireless Lavalier System is an easy to use and affordable digital wireless lavaier microphone system. The lightweight and compact design serves great utility for camera mounting and video applications on the go. The high-fidelty audio capturing device is perfect for video production and offers great compatibility with adapters for phones and action cameras. The complete PRO-XD system comes with everything you need to start recording high-quality audio everywhere. 

Delivering dependable operation over 100 feet and audio fidelity better than digital CD's the PRO-XD proves to be a reliable wireless lavalier system. Operating in the 2.4GHz range, recordings are a breeze to sync and are free of interference that may be caused by TV or radio. Capture audio in any environment for long-lasting operation for your DSLR, mobile device, recorders and more with the internal rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. 

The PRO-XD features high gain output with volume control to deliver the highest quality audio and is used to alleviate noise and hiss. Limit the amount of post-production work necessary by controlling the extraneous noise while recording. With the auxiliary line input, you can combine and line level audio source and mix it with the microphone audio for a more controlled and varied sound. 

The Azden PRO-XD 2.4 GHz Digital Wireless Lavalier System includes:
  • PRO-XDR receiver
  • PRO-XDT transmitter
  • EX-503XD lavalier microphone
  • Stereo audio output cable
  • TRRS audio adapter cable for mobile devices
  • USB charging unit (cable + AC adapter)
  • Manual