Cardellini (LP) Red Laser Pointer

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  • Mfr #: LP
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Product Features
  • Brass tube painted black
  • Extremely bright red dot
  • Includes: Laser, (2) AAA batteries, Soft foam container

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This Cardellini (LP) Red Laser Pointer is extremely strong and is compatible with Cardellini laser holders. With a light but durable aluminum barrel, this pointer emits and beam with a wave length of 660nm, and has a range of 900 meters (984 Yards) - That's more than half a mile! The Cardellini Red Laser Pointer also has an output power of 5mW and has a constant wave output. The Laser uses two AAA batteries.

Laser pointers are extremely useful tools on set or out on a location night shoot. Very often, you will see either the DP, Key Grip, or Gaffer using a laser pointer to indicate a place (generally up high on a set or a stage) to a crew member where a lamp or other piece of gear is supposed to be hung or rigged. The laser pointer sends out an extremely bright red "dot", that is easy to see way up high. The First AC or Dolly Grip will also attach a laser pointer to a dolly or crane arm with a clamp and aim it at a specific mark on the ground or stage floor that corresponds to a precise location or distance from a subject. As the dolly or crane moves, the First AC and/or Dolly Grip now have a precise reference or target to aim for or judge distance with.

User Safety Precautions:
1. Under normal operation, it is safe on the human body.
2. Focusing directly on a laser beam may result in temporary or permanent eye damage. Care should always be taken.