Camlock Suicide Connectors

  • Filmtools #: 8464-etc
  • Mfr #: CDMMA
Product Features
  • Gender Bender connectors
  • Allow you to connect two male or two female connectors
  • 600 Voltage Rating

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These Camlock Suicide Connectors are Gender Bender connectors allow you to connect two male or two female connectors. In normal operations this would be considered suicide since electrical shock and death can occur when using this product. It's intended use is for the ground lead.

Sometimes the ground will have reverse polarity at the power source, and once in a while all of your cables that are banded together may not be reversed. This adapter is designed to help you out in a pinch for the GROUND WIRE ONLY.

The connectors have a 600 Voltage Rating.

Warning: These products can cause death if improperly used and should be usedby an experienced electrician only.