ilumi Bluetooth Smart LED BR30 Flood Light Bulb - 2nd Generation

  • Filmtools #: SD300
  • Mfr #: MLBR302W
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Product Features
  • Amazing built-in Lighting programs to experience the perfect light for every occasion
  • Convenient individual & group control to turn your lights on/off or change the Color and brightness from your phone or tablet
  • Simple setup - screws in like a regular light bulb and is perfect for a bedside lamp or everyday fixtures
  • Extremely energy efficient and lasts up to 20 years
  • Best in Class brightness powered by Hyper Lux LED technology
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The ilumi Bluetooth Smart LED BR30 Flood Light Bulb - 2nd Generation is a smart bulb that helps set the mood in your home using Bluetooth connectivity. These bulbs can be easily dimmed to the level you want. Also, this has the capabilities of changing its colors from warm to cool color temperatures in the blink of an eye. Because of all the controls, you can achieve an ideal condition that you want.

Choose from warm and cool color temperatures

Achieve an ideal atmosphere with a range of whites along with any color under the rainbow to match your event, activity or mood.

Light your routine

The bulb's built-in clock lets you enjoy the optimal lighting you want on your schedule. Enjoy automatic illumination without hitting a switch, as the bulb detects the proximity of your device's Bluetooth signal.

Make it look like you're home

Vacation lighting mode enables the bulb to turn on and off randomly while you're away.

Helps you maintain your body's natural rhythm

By replicating the sun's daily color cycle with the wellness lighting mode.

Liven up your next dance party

Sync the smartbulb to the beat of the music being played from your device for a dazzling light show.

Dimming feature at your fingertips

Use the app on your compatible Bluetooth 4.0-enabled device to turn the lights low.

LED bulb technology

Designed to provide longer, more energy-efficient illumination.

Works with the whole ilumi family

Featuring a long-range Bluetooth mesh, ilumi allows for control of up to 50 ilumi devices.

Installs easily into your existing E26 or E27 light fittings

Setup is as simple as screwing the bulb into your fixture or lamp, flipping the switch and finding the bulb on the app.

Plug-and-play setup lets you get started right away

Set up your smartbulb without any hubs, bridges, routers or other Wi-Fi devices required (Bulb cannot be controlled from a laptop).