Comodo Orbit Handheld Stabilizer with foam Carrying Case

  • Filmtools #: 26566
  • Mfr #: VB-1850
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Product Features
  • Twin grip gimbal stabilization system
  • Stable, smooth, motion shots
  • Easy to balance and operate
  • Handles camera packages weighing up to 11 lbs
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The Comodo Orbit is a twin grip gimbal stabilization system designed to provide the user with stable, smooth, motion shots. Easy to balance and operate because it requires no additional weights, motors, or batteries, Orbit is the perfect tool to bring into any production environment because it creates a simplified, streamlined, and straightforward way for filmmakers and photographers of all levels to capture fluid and steady footage without dedicating large amounts of set-up time to its usage. The Orbit weighs less than 4.5 pounds and can handle camera packages weighing up to 11 pounds.


Unlimited creative possibilities
Be Inspired to Create. Unlock your creative potential by finally being able to achieve the numerous shots you envision. Orbit provides access to an enormous number of creative opportunities in ways that were never before thought possible. It is unmatched in terms of usability, quality, and versatility.


Precise and fluid movements

Be deliberate and purposeful. Easily achieve and create specific and deliberate camera movements to provide meaning and purpose to your films. Easily create sweeping camera movements and level changes without the need for extensive training, additional weights, or multiple accessories.

Advance gimbal technology

Two hearts, one soul. Orbit would not be complete without the two advanced gimbals atop each handgrip, which provide fluid movement along multiple axes. Each gimbal independently moves to provide the heart and soul to keep you at the top of your creative game and switch directions in an instant while doing it.

Simple operation

Get up and go. The name of the game is to set-up in less than 5 mins and create content immediately. With no need for weights, motors, or batteries, Orbit not only sets up in minutes, it requires next to no training to be a formidable tool in the hands of any filmmaker. It’s time to create content instead of getting caught up in the process of creating it.

Multi-operator capable

Sometimes it takes two. Passing the camera through a window, over an obstacle, or under a subject can often require highly trained camera operators with extensive amounts of equipment. Orbit gives filmmakers of all levels the ability to easily pass the rig from one operator to the next without upsetting the fluidity of the shot. Hollywood production value is now truly at the tips of all filmmaker’s fingers.