Cordvision 1150022 77mm Cine Ring

  • Filmtools #: 21648
  • Mfr #: 1150022
Product Features
  • Ring screws on to your 77mm front diameter lens
  • Provides an 80mm outside diameter
  • For use with matteboxes with an 80mm donut

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The Cordvision 77mm Cine Ring brings your still image lenses one step closer to actual cine lenses and thereby makes your life on set easier. One of the disadvantages of using still image lenses versus cine lenses is that they all have different front diameters. Our cine ring screws into the front thread of your still image lens and brings the front diameter to an industry standard 80mm. It also provides you with a common front filter thread of 77mm.

Your lenses are now compatible with many cine accessories that attach to the front of the lens. You no longer need to worry about having a lightproof connection between your matte box and your lens. All you need is an 80mm donut or bellow, and all your lenses will fit perfectly. Also, you can use clamp-on matte boxes and shades that attach directly to the 80mm adapter ring (given your lens can support the weight of the clamp on matte box). Another advantage is that you no longer need to purchase round filters in different sizes for your lenses.

You can just start buying 77mm filters and they will fit all your lenses. Also, you can now use cine front caps instead of the flimsy still image front caps, and you only need one size caps that now fits all lenses. Definitely a must-have item for any serious shooter who works with still image lenses.

General Features:

  • Common outside front diameter of 80mm across all your lenses.
  • Makes your lenses compatible with many cine accessories (shades, clamp on matte boxes, etc.).
  • No need to switch donuts or bellows on your matte box when switching lenses.
  • No need to purchase round filters in different sizes. All lenses will now have a 77mm front thread.
  • You can now use professional cine front caps to protect your lenses.