Don Earl Blank Standard Slate

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Product Features
  • Standard sized Don Earl Slate
  • Blank
  • Size: W11" x H9.5"

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So why is Don Earl the most photographed name in Hollywood? The answer is actually very simple and right in front of you. Don Earl Slates have a track history, second to none, as being the preferred slates by professional film crews. Virtually every show that uses Panavision Cameras has a Don Earl Slate in the camera package, and most Arri Camera rental houses also stock the Don Earl Brand. The number one selling slate at Filmtools is Don Earl as well.

This standard sized Don Earl Slate is known as the "Hollywood Classic Slate." It's engraved letters are finer than the Filmtools engraved slates. Don and Verla Earl have been making slates for over 25 years and the Hollywood camera assistants have adopted their slates as the overall most popular. Size: W11" x H9.5". Weight: 9/10 pound. To view our entire selection of slates, simply type the word "slate" in the search window. Use Filmtools approved dry-erase markers only.