Fiilex 5-Piece Accessory Kit for P360 LED Light

  • Filmtools #: 51798
  • Mfr #: FLXA021
Product Features
  • (1) Fresnel lens
  • (1) Umbrella holder
  • (1) Gel holder
  • (1) Dome diffuser
  • (1) Dome diffuser extension

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This Fiilex P360 5 Piece Accessory Kit offers various ways to modify your P360 light source. It includes a Fresnel lens, and umbrella holder, a gel holder, a dome diffuser, and a dome diffuser extension. A magnetic connection mounts the accessories, except for the umbrella holder, which is held between the locking knob and the light. The dome diffuser increases the beam angle and softens the light. It can be used with the dome diffuser extension to enlarge the reach of the diffuser when inside of light modifiers like softboxes and beauty dishes.

The gel holder is a versatile, two-part accessory that serves three different functions. It can be used to sandwich a gel in between the two parts of the holder, or you can use it as a dome diffuser extension when working with softboxes, beauty dishes or other light modifiers that you might want to push light into.