Filmtools 24 x 48" Flexible Mirror - Large

  • Filmtools #: 9001
  • Mfr #: 9001
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Product Features
  • Flexible double-sided mirror finish
  • Can be cut and mounted perfectly flat
  • Used to reflect, redirect or distort sunlight
  • Measures 24" x 48"

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Our Filmtools Flexible Mirror measures 24" x 48". It has a double sided mirror finish, and can be cut with scissors. It can be mounted perfectly flat with no distortion or mounted to create distortion, as in the photo.

Mirrors are primarily used to reflect, redirect or distort sunlight in the motion picture industry. A mirror has the least amount of light loss of all reflective surfaces, so you can play God and literally reposition the sun's rays.

Using bendable mirror can also add life to a static set by imitating a car's window reflection passing along the inside wall of a room. Simply hand hold the mirror outside on a sunny day and direct the reflection through the building's windows and pass the reflection across the wall. Your audience will sub consciously think the moving reflection is from a passing car. (Thank you Brian Reynolds, ASC for that tip!)

Each mirror comes with re-positionable adhesive tabs and a mailing tube when bought online.