Fujifilm XDCAM Pro Disc - PD711DL - 50 GB - 2.4x - Dual Layer

  • Filmtools #: 51485
  • Mfr #: PD711dl
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Product Features
  • Outstanding Durability
  • Precision designed and engineered cartridges
  • Anti-static coating on shutter and bottom half of cartridge
  • Bright red cartridge for easy identification
  • Capacity: 50.0GB

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The Fujifilm XDCAM Pro 50 GB Dual Layer is designed with high-quality materials and advanced production technologies that assure outstanding disc durability and rewriting stability, with ultra-low error rates even after 1,000 overwrites. As the disc is pre-formatted, recording can begin immediately. Therefore, the Fujifilm PD711 will help users save time and decrease the risk of missing important shots while waiting for their disc to format.


Disc Type





Recording Wavelength

405nm(Blue-Violet Laser)

Recording Method

Phase Change Recording

Data Transfer Rate

86 Mbps with 1 Optical Head, 172 Mbps with 2 Optical Head

Track Pitch


Erase / Write Read Cycles

Over 1,000 times

No. of Read

Over 1,000,000 times

Raw Byte Error Rate


Estimated Shelf Life

50 years or more

Estimated Archival Life

50 years or more

Operating Condition

-5 to 55°C , 3 to 90% RH

Storage Condition

-10 to 55°C , 3 to 90% RH

Disc Diameter


Disc Thickness


Cover Layer Thickness


Cartridge Dimensions

128.6mm x 130.6mm x 9.1mm