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Half Milk Crate - Movie Biz Standard Issue

  • Filmtools #: 1472-etc
  • • Mfr #: B-05
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Half Milk Crates are sold individually and complement our full sized Milk Crates.

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Half Milk Crate - Movie Biz Standard Issue

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Half Milk Crate - Movie Biz Standard Issue

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Standard Industry Size Half Milk Crate: L19" x W13" x H6-5/8". Made of durable industrial grade plastic, designed to last a lifetime.

Half Milk Crates are a tradition on Hollywood sets. Grips use them to store C-Clamps, Speed Rail Fittings, cribbing & Wedges, rope, aerosols, and more. The electricians use them to store extension cords. The props department uses Half Milk Crates for storing paint cans, and Craft Services uses them to store food, packaged snacks, softdrinks, and they've even been known to use them to store milk in...a novel concept. Half Milk Crates have proven to be one of the most reliable storage containers ever made. Because of their open architecture, items can be easily viewed. Galvanized steel liners are available...they provide a solid floor and two solid sides.

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