Hive Four Light Frame (2x2 Light Array)

  • Filmtools #: 24773
  • Mfr #: KPM-4LF
Product Features
  • 2 x 2 Plasma Lighting Array
  • As bright as a 2.5K HMI
  • 1,080 watts
  • Standard 8″ Par lenses can be easily changed with snap rings

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The Hive Four Light Frame turns a pair of Hive Lighting 2-Light Maxis into a 4 light Maxi is a 2×2 array of Killer Maxis which is as bright as a 2.5K HMI. It can be hung with a 6K Spacelight silk to make a Maxi Spacelight that’s brighter than a 6,000W Tungsten Maxi-Spacelight, but only pulls 1,080 watts. Whatever combination you choose, toggle switches provide individual on/off lamp control. For different beam spreads and orientation, standard 8″ Par lenses can be easily changed with snap rings.

For the ultimate in plasma lighting, use the Hive Lighting Four-Light Frame to build a Killer Plasma 4-Light Maxi Kit along with a pair of 2-Light Maxi Lighting Kits.