Hollaender Fitting 2S Modular Tee 1-1/4”

  • Filmtools #: 24274
  • Mfr #: H2125
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Product Features
  • For 1-1/4" speed rails
  • Aluminum Alloy 535
  • The Hollaender® Set Screw
  • The most corrosion resistant aluminum alloy available
  • Resistance to loosening
  • Durability and performance for speed rail system

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 Speed-Rail® Fittings

Aluminum Alloy 535

  • Most corrosive resistant aluminum alloy available
  • High strength as cast
  • Bright attractive finish
  • Conforms to ASTM B26 & B179

The Hollaender® Set Screw

  • Featuring proprietary internal/external knurl cup point
  • Tremendous resistance to loosening due to vibration
  • Full contact of point greatly resists pull out and rotational slip
  • All fittings are available in an optional anodized finish and with stainless steel (304) set screws.

Advantages of pipe rack systems:

  • Labor hours to install the pipe rack system are typically less than that required for a proprietary racking system; pipe rack mounting systems are also very forgiving of changes in ground or roof elevations.
  • Galvanized steel or aluminum pipe is available in every town or city.
  • Hollaender fittings are available through a number of distributors as well as directly from Hollaender (lead times may be longer from the factory).
  • Landed cost and lead time of these components is often far less than proprietary, custom designed racking systems.
  • Hollaender can put customers in contact with engineering firms who can provide calculations and PE stamps for racking systems.

Advantages of Hollaender Speed-Rail® fittings:

  • As strong as malleable iron.
  • The most corrosion resistant aluminum alloy available.
  • Supported by our 10 year corrosion resistance warranty.
  • The aluminum/magnesium 535 alloy can be used with galvanized steel with no concern for dissimilar metal galvanic corrosion.
  • The proprietary set screw penetrates the skin of the pipe, with holding forces that average 2000 lb per set screw and will not loosen.