Hoodman WristShotᆴ DSLR Support System H-WS0

  • Filmtools #: 11706
  • Mfr #: H-WS1
Product Features
  • Transfers camera weight to the forearm eliminating wrist fatigue
  • Increase stability and free up the hand to operate the camera
  • Fits all camcorders up to 10 pounds
  • 5 axis adjustment options
  • Quick release camcorder mounting system

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The WristShotᆴ transfers camera weight to the forearm eliminating wrist fatigue, increasing stability and freeing up the hand to operate the camera. WristShotᆴ fits all camcorders up to 10 pounds. With 5 axis adjustment options WristShotᆴ fits all body types and shooting styles. Quick release camcorder mounting system with universal tripod adapter mount makes changing shooting modes quick and easy.

Mounting the DSLR camera or small camcorder to the WristShotᆴ is easy. First mount the quick release plate to the bottom of your camera... the 1/4 20 screw mount fits all camcorders. With the WristShotᆴ in position on your right arm, push the quick release mount load lever forward until it locks into position. Use your left hand to place the camcorder in your right hand. Move the height of the quick release mount up so that you can easily place the edge of the quick release plate that is closest to your wrist into the mount first. Next, straighten out your wrist so that the outside edge of the release plate is flush with the release mount. The quick release mechanism is activated and all that is left to do is move the load lever toward you to lock the camcorder to the mount. With practice, you will be able to perform the mounting function in less than 5 seconds.

To make transitions from hand held to tripod mount quick and easy, each WristShotᆴ camcorder support system includes a universal tripod quick release plate. The universal quick release plate has a female 1/4 20 screw hole that will accept any camcorder tripod head plate screw.