IDX Li-ion V-Mountル High Load Battery with PowerLink & Digi-Viewル E-HL9

  • Filmtools #: 15371
  • Mfr #: E-HL9
Product Features
  • IDX Li-ion V-Mount High Load Battery
  • PowerLink & Digi-View
  • Meets demands of HD environments
  • Sustained high current loads
  • 5 power status LEDs

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The IDX Li-ion V-Mountル High Load Battery with PowerLink & Digi-Viewル is designed to match the demands of power-hungry HD environments by supporting sustained high current loads. Standard IDX features such as PowerLink, Digi-View and the Battery Management System are inherent in the E-HL9 series.

  • With a continuous draw of up to 10 Amps, the E-HL9 has an impressive capacity using highly durable cell technology.
  • High-load capacity results in 50% higher discharge rate for this series.
  • Advanced low temperature discharge characteristics prohibit a voltage drop off down to ヨ4 degrees Fahrenheit in extreme environment conditions.
  • Longer overall lifecycleラoperators can expect about 10% longer battery viability when the 500-cycle level is reached.
  • PowerLink technology allows two E-HL9 batteries to be docked together,doubling capacity up to 176Wh for longer run times and high power needs.
  • Digi-View gives the camera operator an accurate display of the E-HL9メs remaining capacity, shown via the cameraメs viewfinder.
  • 5 Power Status LEDs are located on the side of the E-HL9 for a quick and accurate check of remaining capacity, shown in increments of 20%
  • BMS is a unique software package that enables users to monitor the history and condition of their batteries to increase their life span. BMS gathers battery data and provides PC access to a comprehensive database, invaluable when managing large fleets of ELITE, E-10 and E-HL9 batteries.
  • Battery circuit protection ensures the E-HL9 is fully protected against common causes of battery misuse, guarding against over charge, over discharge, over current and exposure to high temperatures.
  • Most environmentally friendly and safest battery in its classification.
  • Weighing only 1.63 lbs., the E-HL9 is compact and durable, ideal for regular use and transportation to and from location.
  • Attaching E-HL9 batteries to cameras without a standard V-Mount connection is possible through the use of P-V2 and P-VS2 adaptor plates, available separately from IDX and can be fully recharged using an ENDURA sequential or simultaneous charger.
  • Please note that IDX measures the capacity of Lithium Ion batteries as minimum capacity.
Technical Specifications:
  • Battery Capacity: 14.4V, 6.15Ah, 88Wh
  • Max. Output Voltage: 16.8V DC
  • Nominal Voltage: 14.4V DC
  • Maximum Discharge Current: 10A (120W)
  • End Voltage: 12V
  • Battery Protection:
    • Over charge (reset)
    • Over discharge (reset)
    • Over current (reset)
    • Temperature protection (non reset)
  • Ambient Temperature:
    • To charge: 32ᄚF ~ 104ᄚF (50ᄚF ~ 86ᄚF recommended)
    • To discharge: -4ᄚF ~ 113ᄚF (50ᄚF ~ 104ᄚF recommended)
    • To store: -4ᄚF ~ 140ᄚF (32ᄚF ~ 68ᄚF recommended)
  • Dimensions: 3.35(W) x 5.51(H) x 2.28(D) inches
  • Weight: 1.63 lbs. approx