IDX JL-2PLUS 2-Channel Multi-format Sequential Battery Quick Charger for NP Type NiMH, NiCad and Lithium Ion Batteries

  • Filmtools #: 14054
  • Mfr #: JL-2PLUS
Product Features
  • 2-Channel Sequential NP Quick Charger with AC Adaptor
  • Designed for Li-ion and Ni-Cd NP batteries
  • Use in combination wtih a 60W DC 13.8v XLR power supply
  • Compatible with all IDX NP-Type Li-ion/Ni-Cd batteries

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The 2-Channel Sequential NP Quick Charger with AC Adaptor (60W) is designed for Li-ion and Ni-Cd NP batteries in any combination, with a 60W DC 13.8v XLR power supply. The Compatible batteries are All IDX NP-Type Li-ion/Ni-Cd batteries (All IDX ENDURA System Li-ion Batteries via C-NP2E Charge Adaptor).


  • The JL-2PLUS offers a lightweight design (3.3 lbs) with a convenient built-in handle.

NP-Style Mount

  • The JL-2PLUS is designed to directly charge NP-Style batteries. Since the NP-Style mount is one of the most common battery mounts on broadcast and professional camcorders, IDX has adopted the design to help fit that need.

Condition Indicator

  • An LED condition indicator is offers a quick glance of each battery's charge status.
  • Red (charging)
  • Green (complete/trickle)
  • Orange (battery fault)

Durable Construction

  • An all-metal case construction ensures that the JL-2PLUS will hold up under the harsh rigors of location shooting.

Multi-Chemistry Design

  • Any combination of battery chemistries can be automatically charged with the JL-2PLUS.
  • *Any one of the following battery chemistries can be used:
  • Li-Ion (Lithium Ion)
  • NiCd (Nickel Cadmium)
  • NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride)

*NP-Style only

  • Power Supply
  • A standard 4-Pin Canon type connector is available on the front panel to provide 60 watts of DC power via the built-in power supply.

Worldwide AC Power

  • As with all IDX chargers, the JL-2PLUS's power switch is recessed to prevent an accidental loss of power. A worldwide, auto-sensing AC power (AC 100-240V) operation is standard.