Candreva USA JC1001 Candreva Plate Camera Support

  • Filmtools #: 19637
  • Mfr #: JC1001
Product Features
  • Full size 120mm quick release plate
  • Unique design
  • Built in level
  • For use with OConnor 2575 and Sachtler 9+9 tripod heads

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The Candreva USA JC1001 CandrevaPlate is a full size 120mm quick release plate with built in level. Perfect for use with OConnor 2575 and Sachtler 9+9 tripod heads.

  • Unique design: There is no rubber on the top of the plate. The rubber prevents a solid attachment between a heavy camera and the quick release plate. By using the 2 screws that are provided with the CandrevaPlate, the camera's base plate and the quick release plate are bolted together metal to metal. There is no rocking possible.
  • A bull's-eye level is incorporated into plate. The fact is most cameras do not have levels. The bull's-eye level on the CandrevaPlate takes the place of a level on the camera. Great for using with a Tango head as it makes it very simple to zero out the dutch in the Tango head. Also, the operator can look down at the bull's eyelevel while he/she is shooting to confirm the camera is level.

The camera can be mounted sideways on the quick release plate while still using 2 bolts to attach it. No other quick release plate can do that. This is an advantage when the camera wants to be laid over on its side to shoot a high-resolution shot of a person in front of a green screen.

Made in the USA