Kino Flo 2' Select/Ve 4Bank Light System

  • Filmtools #: 6696
  • Mfr #: SYS-244-120U
Product Features
  • (1) 4Bank Fixture
  • (1) Mounting Plate
  • (1) 4Bank Extension
  • (1) 4Bank Ballast

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From Kino Flo's web site: "The Kino Flo 4BANK Select System has won awards as well as the hearts of lighting artists from around the world. More 4Banks are used in film, photo and video production than any other fluorescent luminaire in history. The reason: versatility. The 4Bank delivers soft, cool, flicker-free light like a bounced source, but with features to control the spread and intensity of the beam. It's portable. It needs only a little power. A single 4Bank can display colors ranging from full-spectrum TrueMatchᆴ lamps to red, pink, blue, gold, green and UV blacklight. One day a 4Bank can work as a single soft key on the talent, the next day the same fixture can be used with others to light a bluescreen the length of a football field, the next it can be operated underwater. Lightweight, a 4Bank can be hand held or taped to a wall. Lamps can even be pulled out of the fixture and built directly into a set. It's no wonder the 4Bank Select System has become an indispensable lighting tool for our industry." The 4Bank System includes: