Kino Flo Imara S60 DMX Yoke Mount Kit

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Product Features
  • (1) Imara DMX Fixture
  • (1) Honeycomb Louver, 90 degrees
  • (1) Gel Frame
  • (1) Junior Pin Assembly

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The Kino Flo Imara S60 DMX Yoke Mount Kit is a studio fixture with the characteristics of the Image series, but with a more concentrated spread of light along both horizontal and vertical axes. The Imara S60 Yoke mount kit includes the fixture, gel frame, 90ᄚ Honeycomb Louver, junior pin and travel case. The Imara S100 puts out about the same light output as a VistaBeam 600, yet draws only 5.2A at 120VAC (2.6A at 230VAC). The Imara S60 is half the size of the S100 drawing only 3.2A at 120VAC (1.5A at 230VAC). The all-in-one Imara DMX fixtures also feature new levels of control by combining the benefits of lamp switching with lamp dimming making them ideal for film production, TV broadcast and digital photography. The Imara uses Kino Floメs True Match® high color rendering 55W compact lamps (CRI 95) available in tungsten and daylight.

Imara Highlights

  • Concentrated, broad, even spread of light on horizontal and vertical axes.
  • DMX and manual lamp switching/dimming enhance color and intensity control.
  • Honeycomb louvers in 90ᄚ and 60ᄚ focus, cut the light better than barndoors.
  • Yoke Mount or Pole-Op Mount designs mount easily, improve focusing.
  • High output, energy-efficient technology boosts light output at lower power, heat levels.
  • Low amperage draw means low energy costs.
  • Efficient heat management design maintains stable color temperature.
  • Compact, lightweight design for studio and for location set lighting.
  • Color gels last 10 times longer than when used with hot lights.
  • Fixtures take high color quality (CRI 95) True Match® lamps: 2900K, 3200K and 5500K.
  • Fixtures also operate visual effects lamps: 420nm blue and 550nm green.

The Imara series adds depth and variety to Kino Floメs line of high output fluorescent studio fixtures. Imaraメs unique features, such as a new hi-beam SoftCut reflector design, delivers a classic movie studio soft light that spreads light evenly across the horizontal and vertical axes.

Light level adjustments are controlled with DMX and manual lamp switching as well as DMX and manual dimming. Unique accessory holder brackets are designed for holding the gel frame and honeycomb louvers. In addition, the accessory holder brackets allow for four-point rope hangs for specialty rigging applications. The fixtures are lightweight, operate coolly and run on very low power. How low? The Imara S100, for example, puts out as much light as a 3,000 Watt tungsten softlight, but uses less than 1/10th the heat and power!

The Imara takes Kino Floメs True Match® 55W compact lamps in tungsten and daylight (CRI 95), the same lamps that have achieved great success in Kino Floメs Diva-Lite and ParaBeam series. The availability of Kino Floメs narrow band 420nm blue and 550nm green lamps make it an additional option for difficult to light composite screens.

TV Studio lighting directors will appreciate the even field of illumination and high light level along with the integrated DMX lighting controls. The Yoke and Pole-Op mount options allow the fixtures to easily hang from a grid. The fixtures can be controlled from a lighting desk without the need of conventional dimmer packs. The savings in power make every studio manager mandate for energy conservation readily achievable.

Cinematographers welcome the Imara to their fold for its compact size and high output. It draws half the amperage of a VistaBeam 600 at about the same effective light output. Its flicker-free operation and voltage controlled electronics offer stable color rendering and take the worry out of shooting at higher camera speeds.

DSLR still photographers who are now working with moving image capture will appreciate the cool operation and high light level in a concentrated evenly lighted area. The beam spread can be further controlled through the use of honeycomb louvers to create a very cosmetic soft edged spot. Digital image makers will be able to shoot in light conditions normally reserved for strobe lighting applications. As a professional cool light, Imara maintains stable color rendering over as much as a 12-hour shooting period without overheating the set or requiring excessive power.

  • A) DMX Dim Channels: Sets the fixture to use 1 DMX channel to dim all 6 lamps or 3 DMX channels to control lamps in sets of 2.
  • B) DMX Address: Sets DMX address of fixture.
  • C) DMX Indicator: Lights if valid DMX signal is present.
  • D) DMX-In & DMX-Out: DMX-In receives signals from Dimmer Board. DMX-Out relays DMX signal through to other fixtures or instruments.
  • E) Fuse: Provides circuit protection.
    Note: If fuse is モblown" or モopen", replace with same type of fuse rating as marked.
  • F) Power Switch: Turns fixture on and off. Has built-in indicator light to detect if AC power is present in power cord. モO" = OFF position.
  • G) Dimmer Knob: Manual dimming control
  • H) Lamp Select Switches: Turns lamps on manually in sets of 2.

Each Fixture Includes:

  • 1 Imara DMX Fixture
  • 1 Honeycomb Louver, 90ᄚ
  • 1 Gel Frame
  • 1 Juior Pin Assembly
  • 1 Travel Case

Other Rigging Options
Unique accessory holder brackets are also used to enable for 4 point rope hangs for specialty rigging applications.(see 4th inset picture above)

SoftCut Reflector
The Imara includes a SoftCut reflector design that emits a high output concentrated beam of light on both the horizontal and vertical axes. This can be useful in applications where the light is required to be more directed. The beam spread can be further controlled through the use of honeycomb louvers to create a very cosmetic, soft edged spot.

Honeycomb Louvers
The Imara fixtures include a 90ᄚ Honeycomb Louver. The Honeycomb Louver further concentrates the light beam without the use of barndoors. The specially designed metal foil louver is also available in 60ᄚ which focuses the light spread with minimal light loss.
The louver fits into the accessory holder brackets.

Gel Frame
The Gel Frame comes with Gel Clips to fasten the gel to the Frame. The Gel Frame fits into the accessory holder brackets.

Cost savings attributed to fluorescents cover a broad range of concerns:

  • Low energy costs
  • Less heat so low air conditioning expenses
  • No gel replacements because of low heat
  • Fewer lamp replacements due to longer lamp life
  • Lamp replacement labor reduced by a factor of 10


  • 31 x 10.5 x 35.5"
  • (79 x 27 x 90cm)


  • 46 lb (21kg)