Kino Flo Vista Single Fluorescent Two Light Kit - 120VAC

  • Filmtools #: 12158
  • Mfr #: KIT-V102-120
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Product Features
  • (2) Single Fixture, 90 Degree Louvers
  • (2) 60 Degree Louvers
  • (2) Gel Frames, Center Mounts
  • (2) Ballasts, 25' Cables
  • Louver, Lamp and Ship Cases

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The Kino Flo Vista Single Fluorescent Two Light Kit - 120VAC includes two Vista single fixtures, 25' cables, ballsats, mounts, 60 and 90 ° louvers, and lamp, louver and kit shipping cases.

The Kino Flo Vista Single provides a soft beam for studio and location lighting with its hi-lumen 96 watt lamp and intensifying, parabolic reflector. The Vista Single is twice as bright as the Kino 4' Single and uses less than 2 Amps of power. As with other Kino Flo's modular designs, the Vista Single is portable, lightweight weighing only at 6 lbs. Its slender feature delivers ample light for challenging spaces.

Vista Single can operate outside the fixture with the reflector only (without shell). The Lamp Harness (without reflector or shell) can also be mounted onto a surface for tight locations. Its remote ballast is high-output and flicker free at any camera speed operating at 25KHz.

Honeycomb Louvers

  • Specially designed metal foil that narrows the light spread with minimal light loss
  • 60° and 90° included

Mount Options

  • Each fixture accommodates center mounts
  • The MTP-B41S twist-on mounting plate is ideal for location shooting. It fits onto the end of a grip arm or baby stand allowing a broad range of orientation.
  • Other optional mounts are also available
  • Lamp Harness may also be mounted outside of the fixture:
    • 1) Two rigging holes located along the central axis of the lamp holder can be used to screw the fixture to a surfac
    • 2) The lamp holder base can also be mounted onto a surface

Optional Vista Single 96 Watt Lamps

  • High-output 96 Watt T7 Twin tubes
  • 34" (86cm) T7 lamp produces more lumens per watt than any other high-output True Match lamp
  • T7's come in True Match KF29 (3000K) tungsten balanced, KF55 (5500K) daylight balanced, and visual effects colors: a 420nm blue and a 550nm green lamp for blue and green screen composite photography