Lastolite 10' x 24' Chroma Key Green Screen Curtain

  • Filmtools #: 2041
  • Mfr #: LL LC5881
Product Features
  • Staple for any production that will be utilizing digital editing.
  • Extensive Colour Range
  • Machine Washable
  • Industry standard background colour
  • Stretches To Remove Creases

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The Lastolite 10' x 24' Chroma Key Green Screen Curtain is a machine washable green screen that will transport your talent anywhere in the world! Place them on the deck of a ship, in the middle of the desert, or anywhere your imagination takes you with this durable curtain. The Lastolite 10'x24' Chroma Key Green Screen Curtain is made from elasticated fabric which means all creases will be removed when the fabric is stretched. Wrinkles and creases make any green screen shot look amateurish and fake, but with this crease free screen you'll be able to create dazzling videos and photos that will look and feel professional. The Lastolite 10'x24' Chroma Key Green Screen Curtain comes with a bag for easy storage and transport when working on location or in a studio.


  • Extensive Color Range - Gives photographer a large range of colors to work with
  • Machine Washable - Can be cleaned in a standard washing machine in lukewarm water
  • Chromakey - Industry standard background colour used for keying out subjects against a neutral background during moving image production
  • Bag included - For easier storage and transport
  • Stretches To Remove Creases - Elasticated fabric removes all creases when stretched
  • Warranty Lastolite Products - Lastolite will repair or replace any product found to have a manufacturing defect. This Warranty is effective for two years from the date of purchase