Matthews Studio Equipment Intel-A-Jib Pro and Heavy Duty Tripod System

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  • (1) Matthews Studio Equipment Intel-A-Jib Pro
  • (1) Matthews Studio Equipment MT1 812170 Heavy Duty Tripod System with Mitchell Mount

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This kit includes:

FT #13688    Matthews Studio Equipment Intel-A-Jib Pro
FT #7426      Matthews Studio Equipment MT1 812170 Heavy Duty Tripod System with Mitchell Mount


The Intel-A-Jib is a unique modular jib arm system manufactured using the latest techniques, processes and equipment, resulting in superior quality. Among the many features that differentiate the Intel-A-Jib from the competition is the one-piece X-Box Extrusion modular beam. This design element offers superior anti-deflection and anti-distortion of the arm. The Intel-A-Jib sets up in less than two minutes without any tools due to the innovative V-Lock component connector system. With extensions of either 10 or 6 feet in length, the Intel-A-Jib can accept virtually any camera package, expanding great image making creativity.

The Intel-A-Jib uses the internationally accepted Mitchell Mounting System to interface with the supporting tripod system and for camera mounting.

We also carry many accessories designed to expand the jib arm's capability and functionality. Mounting the Intel-A-Jib to Matthews MT-1 Heavy-Duty Tripod and the DL-7 Dolly (sold separately) allows the operator to quickly and easily position the fixture, thereby ensuring many more opportunities to capture that 'perfect' shot. We think you'll be impressed!


  • Set up Time: Under two minutes
  • Construction: Machined/extruded aluminum and stainless steel
  • Finish: Black anodize and powder coat
  • Arm Extrusion Design: One Piece X-Box Extrusion for superior anti-deflection, and anti-torsion properties
  • Arm Section Connectors: V-Lock Connector for fast secure assembly
  • Arm Sections Included: One main arm for 6' reach, one extension arm for 10' reach
  • Counterweight Style: Standard 1" barbell
  • Additional Distinctive Features: Camera platform level adjustment, fine tuning weight, high visibility dual bubble levels, tilt and pan brake, fits in two optional cases


  • Min. Reach: 6 Ft. / 1.83 Meters (From center of fulcrum pivot point, to center of 7" Mitchell mount)
  • Max Reach: 10 Ft. / 3.10 Meters (From center of fulcrum pivot point, to center of 7" Mitchell mount)
  • Max Camera Load Capacity: 120 lbs. at 6' (54.43 Kg at 1.83 m) and 80 lbs. at 10' (36.29 Kg at 3.10 m)
  • Overall Assembled Length (less counterbalance weight): 9' 7" at 6' (2.96 m at 1.83 m) and 13' 8" at 10'(4.21 m at 3.10 m)
  • Weight at Full Extension: 65 lbs. at 10' (28.48 Kg. at 3.10 m)
  • Counterbalance weight to Load Ratio: 1.8:1 at 6' (1.83 m) and 3.0:1 at 10' (3.10 m)
  • Camera Mount Options: Over/Under 7" Mitchell (flat-base)
  • Intel-A-Jib Mounting Requirements: Dolly, tripod, or other, with 7" Mitchell mount (rated for weight of jib, camera package and counterbalance weight)

View the Intel-A-Jib Assembly video below. (Opens new window.) Free Flash Player needed to view.

Intel-A-Jib Assembly Video
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The Matthews MT-1 Tripod System (part number 812170) is the strongest and most stable location, broadcast camera support system available in the industry. The MT-1 is a "heavyweight" system that weighs over 24 pounds and is made of castings that are machined to close tolerances. This system will support camera packages up to 265 Lbs. Nearly every sports remote broadcast, including auto racing, baseball, football, and wrestling depend on the MT-1 for the firm, stable platform required for "whip" pans and other rapid camera movements with no tripod, jitter, twist or swaying. And now, the MT1 uses brass brakes that maintain a secure locking system. 

From archery to the X Games, the Matthews MT-1 tripod system provides a very strong and robust support system. There are different types of feet to ensure a firm footing for the system: steel spikes for soft ground or tarmac; and wide, non slip rubber feet for hard surfaces to ensure system stability and non-creeping during the operation. 

In studio the MT1 uses the Matthews DL-7 Dolly (Part# 811171) that will allow the camera to transit smoothly across the studio floor. Cable guards are built in and isolate the camera from bumping into the cables on the floor. The MT-1 Tripod system can also be used for supporting jib arms and other devices. By adding a Matthews leveling head the jib arm is guaranteed a straight and level camera move.