Matthews Studio Equipment Intel-A-Jib Extension Arm

  • Filmtools #: 24086
  • Mfr #: 377704-2
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Product Features
  • Adds 3.5 ft to 10 ft Configuration
  • 13.5 ft Max Operating Radius
  • Results in 40 lb Payload Support

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The Matthews Intel-A-Jib 3.5 ft Extension adds 3.5 ft to the 10 ft Intel-A-Jib configuration, to the result of a 13.5 ft maximum operating radius. No additional modifications are required to the jib's tailpiece except for additional counterweights. Because of the jib's X box construction, the extension safely and securely attaches on and the overall configuration will support payloads up to 40 lb with minimal radial twisting and robust linear rigidity.