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Product Features
  • Comprehensive video training series
  • Covers cinematography, camera operation, script writing, shot composition, lighting, VFX & Graphics
  • Interviews with Hollywood professionals 
  • Extensive animated visual glossary of TV & Film terms
  • Over 300 webinars and video tutorials on Production & Post Production techniques
  • Survival guides on popular video apps (Avid Media Composer, Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Cinema 4D and many others)

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We know your time is limited. You’d rather be out filming your masterpiece than watching someone tell you how to do it.

And that’s exactly why we created Our content is designed to bring you up to speed as quickly as possible in the art, the tech and the biz of filmmaking. And not with information we found in an out-of-date textbook, but with the hard won experiences of industry veterans living and working alongside us right here in Hollywood, U.S.A.

Supplementing the core training is a complementary library of interviews with academy award winning editors, directors, cinematographers, producers and technicians, and a visual glossary of terms to quickly bring people up to speed on concepts and jargon that might otherwise trip them up.

You’ve always had the talent, now you’ve got the time and the teachers. So there’s really only one downside here: you’re out of excuses.

Included with your subscription:

Free. Live. Events.
Learn Every Tuesday, 11:30AM PDT
This free, live webinar series focuses on a variety of current topics covering the art, technology and business of filmmaking. Any Member can register to join the live event, learn something new and ask questions.


OnDemand Events
Learn 24/7

Stream from our growing library of over 150+ “In the Studio” sessions covering the art, technology and business of filmmaking. Each session provides over 45 minutes of in-depth training with industry experts. Pro members can access any session as many times as they like, basic members can stream any session for a fee.


Fundamental Courses
Get the essential artistic concepts to begin making films

Modern digital cameras bring cinematic quality to even the most humble budget. But to make great movies, the equipment is only part of the equation. Our fundamentals courses offer the essential artistic concepts you need to begin creating your own films.


Visual Glossary of Terms
An animated glossary of industry terms at your finger tips.

Don’t let gaps in your knowledge slow down the learning process. With’s Visual Glossary of Terms you can instantly access a concise visual explanation of even the most esoteric production and post-production lingo.


Quick Guides
Visual definitions for buttons and menus

Ever wondered what “that” button or menu does? With’s Quick Guides, short clips concisely show what buttons, switches and menus do in the most popular software applications and digital cinema cameras. Starting with Final Cut Pro X and expanding quarterly to include Media Composer, After Effects, Photoshop and a range of Digital Cinema Cameras, we’ll get you up to speed on a feature in just a few seconds.


Studio Highlights
Learn Quickly

Studio Highlights are the quickest way to get summaries of any “In the Studio” session. We’ve extracted the most significant kernels of knowledge from every “In the Studio” session, so you can learn something in the least amount of time.


A Conversation With...
Sit in on fascinating interviews with leading artists in Hollywood.

Directors, Editors, Cinematographers and other prominent players behind the camera analyze and illuminate their craft.


Hollywood Defined
Defines a different Hollywood role each week in an engaging, informative way.

This weekly show defines a different Hollywood role in an informative and engaging way incorporating our Visual Glossary of Terms, Industry Interviews and In the Studio segments.