Uva's Rigging Guide

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  • Author: Michael Uva
  • Paperback: 320 pages
  • Publisher: Focal Press: 2000
  • ISBN: 9780240803920

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Uva's Rigging Guide. Readers of Mike Uva's Basic GRIP BOOK who are interested in more detailed information on the work of the grip department will welcome his new rigging manual, clearly detailing all the ways to mount cameras and lights both on a set as well as on location. Offers detailed information on the use and operation of the latest rigging equipment. Includes some hard-to-find information on camera mounts for difficult situations such as aircraft, boats, cars, trains, and even people. Time-tested tips and tricks for smooth and safe set-up and operation. Tips on set etiquette and how to succeed as a technical crew member in the film and TV industry. The book covers the latest truss systems, rigging equipment and portable stages, as well as lifts, boom arms and camera mounts for every type of moving vehicle. The book is not limited to equipment specifications, however; Uva offers tips and tricks throughout in order to make the process of setting up and shooting safer and more efficient. Grips often need to invent makeshift solutions in a short time, and Uva shares many such devices developed over his years in the film and TV industry. This book will help grips and key grips move on to the bigger feature projects and commercials that require this equipment. It will also be useful for directors of photography and producers in pre-planning the required equipment for specific shots. Rigging Guide. Michael G. Uva