Ripoffs CO-95A Startac Holster

  • Filmtools #: 1661
  • Mfr #: CO-95A
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Product Features
  • Fits phones measuring 3-5/8" to 4" tall x 2" wide x 3/4" to 1" thick

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This product is suitable for use with the following: Audiovox CDM-8920 CDM-8940 CDM-9950 Cingular 2125 Ericsson T39M T300 Kyocera K110 Series KX2 Koi KX5 Slider Remix KX9a KX9C Milan KX16 Candid KX160 Xcursion Slider Series 3225 LGE 5350 A7110 C2000 CG300 DB525 DM120 G8000 L1150 L1200 L1400 LX350 LX5450 LX5550 MM535 TM520 VI125 VI5225 U8180 VX3300 VX4400 VX4500 VX4600 VX4650 VX4700 VX5200 VX6100 VX7000 VX8000 VX8100 Motorola i60c (tight fit) V60v i90C i95 Startac w/ slim Battery A630 A840 E310 E815 i870 i875 T730 Vader V180 V188 V276 V330 V505 V540 V547 V555 V557 V710 Nextel i90c i560 i670 i730 i733 i760 i850 i870 Nokia 881 3155 6255i 6256i 7270 Samsung D307 D357 MM-A880 SCH-A310 SCH-N330 SCH-A570 SCH-i600 SCH-i610 SCH-A630 SCH-a670 SCH-A850 SCH-A890 SCH-A950 SCH-3500 SGH-zx10 SGH-V206 SGH-P207 SGH-E316 SGH-e317 SGH-d407 SGH-d415 SGH-x475 SGH-x495 SGH-x497 SGH-p730 SGH-p735 SPH-i500 SPH-I600 SPH-A400 SPH-N400 SPH-A460 SPH-A620 SPH-A680 SPH-A700 SPH-A760 SPH-A790 SPH-A800 SPH-A940 Sanyo MM-5600 MM-7500 MM-8300 MM-9000 MVP SCP-200 SCP-5300 SCP-5400 SCP-5500 SCP-8200 VI-2300 Siemens ST55 SFG75 Sony CMD-Z7 Sony/Ericsson Z500 Z600 W600i S700i Sprint RL2500

The CO-95A fits phones measuring 3-5/8" to 4" tall x 2" wide x 3/4" to 1" thick