Schneider Optics 4 x 4" Combination 85/Circular Polarizing Water White Glass Filter

  • Filmtools #: 16901
  • Mfr #: 68-020144
Product Features
  • Circular True-Pol 4x4 Filter
  • Blends an 85 warming filter with a circular polarizer
  • Correct differences in color temperature between the recording medium and the light source
  • Remove unwanted reflections from non-metallic surfaces
  • Saturate colors providing better contrast

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The Schneider 85 Circular True-Pol 4x4 Filter is ideal when more filter effects are desired than can be fit in your matte box. This combination filter makes it possible by blending an 85 warming filter with a circular polarizer.

The 85 is primarily used to correct the color of tungsten-balanced film when shooting in daylight.

A circular polarizing filter is designed for cameras which use polarizing elements in the beam-splitters of the viewing system, such as ARRI 435 and the Movie-Cam Compact.

Beam splitters send light in two directions: to an eye-piece and to a video tap. Light in a cameraメs viewing system can become polarized, and when a standard (linear) polarizing filter is attached to the lens, visibility is hindered or even blacked-out. Schneider Circular Polarizers feature a two layer design to prevent this blackout.