B+W 82mm SC 101 Solid Neutral Density (ND) 0.6 Filter

  • Filmtools #: 20157
  • Mfr #: 65-072921
Product Features
  • 82mm Thread Size
  • Neutral Density .6
  • Attenuates Light by Two f-stops
  • Filter Factor is between 4x

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The Schneider B+W 82mm Neutral Density ND 0.6 Filter reduces the light by two f-stops (log density 0.6), and it is the most popular ND filter in photographic work. It offers many benefits, for instance f/4 instead of f/8 for selective sharpness instead of a great depth of field, or 1/15 s instead of 1/60 s for a flowing instead of a モfrozen" waterfall. It has excellent color neutrality, costs less than the denser filters, and is recommended as part of a basic outfit. The filter factor is 4x.

Single Coating
Each glass surface is vacuum coated with one layer of Anti-Reflection coating. This single layer helps to prevent internal ghosting and reflections. It also improves light transmission from approximately 92% (uncoated glass) to over 98%.

This filter uses our standard B+W F-Pro filter mount, which has a front accessory thread and is made of brass. Compared to the earlier standard mount introduced in 2001, the F-Pro mount has become thinner. Now it can be used with wide angle lenses, including most 24mm focal lengths on a full frame body, without vignetting. Another advantage of the F-Pro mount is it's modified retaining ring, which is no longer threaded in from the front, but holds the filter glass in place from the back. When removing a filter or lens hood that has been screwed on too tight to the filter, the retaining ring is not at risk of loosening.