Schneider Optics 4.5" Combination 85/Linear Polarizing Water White Glass Filter

  • Filmtools #: 5946
  • Mfr #: 68-028545
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Product Features
  • 4.5" Combination Glass Filter
  • Blends the effects of the Schneider True-Pol with the 85 color correction filter
  • Reduce glare
  • Unwanted reflections
  • Saturate colors
  • Deepen blue skies
  • Improve contrast and penetrate haze

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This combination filter blends the effects of the Schneider True-Pol with the 85 color correction filter. Combining these effects in one filter makes it possible to have less glass in front of the lens -- an advantage when using several filters simultaneously.

The Schneider True-Pol is by far the most effective polarizer for motion picture and television cameras. Having an extinction ratio of ER 374, it is 12-times more effective than other polarizing filters, and is unmatched in its ability to reduce glare and unwanted reflections, saturate colors, deepen blue skies, improve contrast, and penetrate haze. True-Pol Polarizing filters enable you to achieve a level of optical performance previously unavailable to cinematographers.

85 filters are used to correct the color of tungsten balanced film when shooting in daylight. Most films are shot using tungsten film which is exposed indoors without the need for a filter. When the production moves outside into daylight, tungsten balanced film is also used, with the addition of an 85 filter in front of the lens.