Schneider Optics 77mm True-Match Variable Neutral Density (ND) Filter Kit

  • Filmtools #: 21064
  • Mfr #: 68-884405
Product Features
  • Select f/stop and camera speed independent of ambient light conditions
  • Density range from 1-1/3 stop loss to 11 stops of light loss
  • 77mm True-Match Circular Polarizer
  • 4x4 True-Match Linear Polarizer

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The Schneider True-Match Variable Neutral Density Filter kit is the perfect choice for those using DSLR cameras with high ISO settings, it allows the user to select the lens f/stop and camera speed independent of ambient light conditions.

This carefully matched set of filters work in combination to produce a density range from 1-1/3 stop loss to 11 stops of light loss. By selecting the best quality materials, Schneider variable ND offer 11 stops (ND3.3) attenuation with no blue color shift at maximum density which is a common problem with inferior and unmatched materials common in lesser variable ND filters.

The kit is comprised of a screw-on 77mm True-Match Circular Polarizer (Non-Rotating) that mounts to the front of the camera lens, a 4x4 True-Match Linear Polarizer that slides into the Schneider 4" rotating Filter Holder with the 77mm W/A adapter ring.

This True-Match Linear Polarizer slides into the 4" (101.6mm) Filter Holder that holds Schneider Motion Picture and Television 4mm thick water-white Schott glass filters, which are available in 4 x 4 and 4 x 5.65 sizes (sold separately). The holder rotates a full 360° enabling the use of the polarizer or graduated filters, and can accommodate up to 2 glass filters. The holder includes a 77mm Wide Angle adapter ring, which can be removed from the holder with a simple pull of the brass tab located at the top of the holder to exchange for other available sizes. The included 77mm Wide Angle adapter ring can also be used with conventional step rings (sold separately) to quickly accommodate smaller filter diameter lenses.

Step Rings are available for other lens diameters.


Schneider True-Match Vari-ND Filter Disclaimer

Please note: An anomaly may occur when using a Variable ND filter when shooting wide angle (50mm and below) near to or at the highest ND point on the filter. The anomoly can be a very dark area in the center of the image, or an “X” pattern with lighter frame edges. While all other manufactures only go up to a maximum of 8 stops Neutral Density, the Schneider Optics Vari-ND Filters boast a maximum of 11 stops ND. And because the anomaly only happens at the Max ND, no matter if the max of the filter is 6, 8, or 10 stops, that means when you use the Schneider Vari-ND filter at 8 stops, there is still no distortion in the image, where there would be in the competitor’s filter that maxes out at 8 stops. For optimal performance, we always recommend using these filters on manual exposure. Vari-ND filters are best used for video capture at any aperture or wide aperture, high shutter speed still shooting. Schneider Optics does not recommend Vari-ND filters for smaller aperture, long exposure still shooting.