Schneider Optics 6.6 x 6.6" Warm Black Frost 1/2 Filter

  • Filmtools #: 16295
  • Mfr #: 68-087266
Product Features
  • Warm Black Frost 1/2
  • Black Frost Effect plus a touch of warmth
  • Fare highlights
  • Mute colors
  • Tone down contrast
  • Retaining rich blacks

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The Warm Black Frost 1/2 by Schneider Optics is a combination filter that gives you the Black Frost Effect, plus a touch of warmth when you don't have space for another filter, or just prefer not to stack filters. It gives you every feature of the Schneider Black Frost and the 81-One in a single filter.

Black Frost filters flare highlights, mute colors, and tone down contrast, while retaining rich blacks. This is a very useful combination of effects for 16mm and 35mm film, as well as for HD and standard video. These are primarily styling, or mood modifying filters. Depending on the grade chosen, they subtly enhance a scene without degrading the image quality or black saturation. Black Frost enables cinematographers to capture blacker blacks than are possible with similar types of filters.

The 81-One adds warmth to skin tones and reduces excessive blue in outdoor open shade. It is ideal for romantic close-ups.