Schneider Optics 138mm Classic Soft Filter

  • Filmtools #: 3116-etc
  • Mfr #: 68-084038, 68-084138, 68-084238, 68-084338, 68-084438
Product Features
  • 138mm Classic Soft Filters 1/8-2
  • Blends small wrinkles and blemishes
  • Maintains overall sharp focus
  • Closely confined, very subtle glow to highlights
  • Maintains this high degree of image quality

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Schneider Optics 138mm Classic Soft Filters 1/8-2
For classic Old-Hollywood close-ups, with image quality for the New-Hollywood.

Schneider has developed a subtle and effective softening filter that can be used freely without fear of compromising the high quality of modern lenses.

Schneider 138mm Drop-In Classic Soft filters are made possible by state-of-the-art optical technology, and a proprietary Schneider manufacturing technique that produces a Micro-Lenslet array.

The Classic Soft filter blends small wrinkles and blemishes while maintaining overall sharp focus that conceals the fact that a softening filter was used

In the normal range of exposure, this filter imparts only a closely confined, very subtle glow to highlights. If large amounts of overexposure exist in a scene, like a "blown" window, Classic Soft filters add a stylish glow that keep the scene's contrast under control, while adding a romantic look.

As with all Schneider Optical Glass filters, Classic Soft filters are designed to be used in front of long lenses, singly or in combination with any other Schneider filters, to make filter combinations for an even greater range of creative control. And, because they are designed and manufactured to the extremely high standards that Schneider is known for, same-strength Classic Soft filters can be switched between A and B cameras, or lost filters can be replaced, with no discernable difference in scene effects.

This high level of consistency and repeatability is possible only with Schneider's superior optical technology. A softening filter that maintains this high degree of image quality, simply is not available anywhere else.

Schneider has used the latest lens making technology to create a new filter that traces its origins to the classic styling filters of "Old Hollywood."

Hundreds of Micro-Lenslets arrayed within each Schneider Classic Soft filter provide a precisely controlled soft image that is overlaid on a sharp, in-focus, image. This combination diffuses the image while maintaining overall sharp focus. We call this Schneider In-focus Diffusion.

The number of Micro-Lenslets per square inch determines the image blending effectiveness of each Classic Soft filter.

Available in the following Strengths:

  • Classic Soft 1/8 (68-084038) 
  • Classic Soft 1/4 (68-084138)
  • Classic Soft 1/2 (68-084238) 
  • Classic Soft 1 (68-084338)
  • Classic Soft 2 (68-084438)