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Sony PHDVM-63DM DigitalMaster DV/HDV/DVCAM Tape

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The following are the key technical features and specifications of the Sony PHDVM-63DM professional HDV media. Two Active Magnetic Layers Sony takes great care to apply one metal evaporated layer to the base film and then to rewind the master roll and apply a second layer. This creates two layers with the same contour necessary to maximize output while minimizing noise. Of all Sony 6mm tapes used with DV recording formats, (MiniDV, DVCAMル, and HDVᆴ) DigitalMasterル tape exhibits the greatest output and carrier-to-noise ratio. This results in a significant decrease in visual glitches caused by errors. Use of media with high output and low noise may also help to minimize dropouts and errors resulting from a worn head. Advanced Metal Evaporated II (AME II) Technology AME II improves upon its predecessor, AME, with a new method for applying the metal evaporated layer. This method, dubbed Super Oxidation, involves vaporizing the metal into small Hyper Evaticle IV magnetic grains, and then depositing them onto the base film. The resulting AME II media exhibits greater packing density of magnetic grains, higher retentivity, higher output and lower noise. Enforced Protective Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) Layer AME II technology employs a new DLC layer, applied over the magnetic layers, to increase durability. The refinement to this layer improves adhesion to the magnetic layer. In addition, the combination of a soft and hard DLC composite helps to improve headwear and still-frame characteristics. Newly Developed Lubricant System After the application of the DLC coating comes the final step in the AME II manufacturing process, the application of the lubricant layer. The new molecular structure includes a low friction part and an inactivation part. This unique combination helps to reduce the dynamic friction coefficient for optimum stability under a wide range of operating conditions. Process Change Equates to Lower Dropouts Debris that interrupts the head-to-tape contact during record or playback results in a dropout, or glitch, in the video. Tighter tolerances are mandated for the production of DigitalMaster to minimize debris generated during manufacturing. These additional controls result in a tape with the least amount of dropouts of all Sony 6mm tapes used for DV recordings. Exclusive Base Film Sony professional grade 6mm tapes are manufactured using a base film that is less susceptible to shrinkage due to extreme environmental changes. This results in better tracking and improved machine-to-machine compatibility. 63 Minutes Record Time The additional three minutes on the PHDVM-63DM tape is for test recording. This helps the user calibrate the camera for best results or record a full 63 minutes of 1080i video. When recording in 720p HDV or in DV mode, users can record 63 minutes in SP mode or 94 minutes in LP mode.

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