Tiffen 4 x 5.65" Ultra Pol Linear Polarizer Filter

  • Filmtools #: 3420
  • Mfr #: W45650UPOL
Product Features
  • 4" x 5.65" White-Water Ultra-Pol, Linear Polarizer
  • Extract the maximum of unwanted glare from the scene
  • Render crisp white clouds against a dramatically dark blue sky
  • Suitable for virtually all situations
  • Rotating the Ultra Pol varies the effect to meet your needs

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The Tiffen 4"x5.650" Water White Linear Ultra Polarizer Filter is the most popular special effect filter available. Polarizers can create deep blue skies, provide a general saturation to all colors, reduce glare, and minimize reflections. The Water White glass utilized in this filter is premium-quality glass, free of defect and devoid of color-shifts. Tiffen Tip: Polarizing filters achieve different effects depending on the photographer's position to the sun. To get maximum darkening of the sky, the photographer stands sideways to the sun (shoulders point to it) with the sun fairly close to the horizon. As he or she turns toward or away from the sun, the darkening is lessened. When the sun is directly overhead, only a small part of the sky near the horizon can be darkened. The Polarizer also removes unwanted reflections in highly reflective surfaces such as on cars or windows.