Tiffen 4.5" Infrared Neutral Density (ND) Filters 0.3-2.1

  • Filmtools #: 18141-etc
  • Mfr #: W412IRND3, W412IRND6, W412IRND9, W412IRND12, W412IRND15, W412IRND21
Product Features
  • 4.5" Infrared Neutral Density Filters 0.3-2.1
  • Combines an ND filter with a comparable IR control filter
  • Eliminate the spill of infrared light
  • Maintains benefits of a neutral density filter.
  • Vibrant colors and no IR contamination

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The Tiffen 4.5" Infrared Neutral Density Filters 0.3-2.1 are designed to correct color shift from IR contamination, which is a critical problem in digital videography, whether you are using neutral density filters with HDSLR or HD video cameras. The CCD or CMOS sensor of a digital camera is inherently susceptible to infrared contamination, even when the manufacturer attempts to reduce this problem by adding an infrared absorbing filter on top of the image sensor. Blacks become magenta and greens a muddy brown. Infrared light focuses at a different vocal length than visible light; therefore, your images may seem a bit out of focus as well. The more light you cut, the more IR contamination you will see; therefore, whether youメre reducing light in general or wish to create a shallow depth of field for a cinematic look, the more IR contamination you will encounter.

Tiffen has addressed this problem by offering their exclusive line of their Full Spectrum Water White IR Neutral Density filters. The Tiffen IR ND filters do not have a sharp cutoff at the infrared wavelengths; therefore the wide color gamut CMOS and CCD sensors record is not compromised. The result is vibrant colors and no IR contamination, with crisp clean images that only Water White glass can deliver. These filters also provide greater latitude when editing in post production.

Available Options in 4.5"

  • 4.5" IR ND.3 Filter sku# 18554
  • 4.5" IR ND.6 Filter sku# 18555
  • 4.5" IR ND.9 Filter sku# 18141
  • 4.5" IR ND1.2 Filter sku# 18142
  • 4.5" IR ND1.5 Filter sku# 18143
  • 4.5" IR ND1.8 Filter sku# 18556
  • 4.5" IR ND2.1 Filter sku# 18557