Tiffen 4 x 5.65" Warm Pro-Mist 1/8-2 Filters

  • Filmtools #: 7590-etc
  • Mfr #: 45650WPM12, 45650WPM14, 45650WPM18, 45650WPM1, 45650WPM2
Product Features
  • 4" x 4.65" Warm Pro-Mist 1/8 Filter
  • CombinesPro-Mist with the Tiffen exclusive 812® color warming filter
  • Useful in outdoor open shade situations
  • Eliminates pale, washed out skintones
  • Balance contrasting skintones within one scene
  • Neutral colors remain unaffected

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The Tiffen Warm Pro-Mist combines the benefits of the widely acclaimed Pro-Mist with the Tiffen exclusive 812® color warming filter. It is useful in outdoor open shade situations where there is excessive blue in the image and when total control over lighting may not be possible. The Warm Pro-Mist eliminates pale, washed out skintones and can help balance contrasting skintones within one scene. Neutral colors remain unaffected.

Available Strengths:
  • Tiffen Warm Pro-Mist 1/8 Filter 4x5.650 sku#7590
  • Tiffen Warm Pro-Mist 1/4 Filter 4x5.650 sku#7591
  • Tiffen Warm Pro-Mist 1/2 Filter 4x5.650 sku#7592
  • Tiffen Warm Pro-Mist 1 Filter 4x5.650 sku#7593
  • Tiffen Warm Pro-Mist 2 Filter 4x5.650 sku#7594