Tiffen 138mm Ultra Contrast 1/8-2 Filters

  • Filmtools #: 9310-etc
  • Mfr #: 138UC1, 138UC12, 138UC14, 138UC18, 138UC2
Product Features
  • 138MM Round Tiffen Ultra Contrast Filters
  • Works with ambient light from surrounding
  • Lowers contrast uniformly through the scene
  • Shadow areas reveal more detail without any flare

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138MM Round Tiffen Ultra Contrast Filters. Controlling the contrast of your film or video image is critical. Bright lights or sunlight create problems when the ration between the highlight and shadow areas is beyond the latitude of the recording medium. If you expose for the highlights the shadows appear without detail. If you expose for the shadows, the result is washed-out overly bright highlights. Tiffen offers three alternatives to solving your contrast problems: ULTRA CONTRAST, LOW CONTRAST, AND SOFT CONTRAST filters.
ULTRA CONTRAST filter work with ambient light from surrounding, lowering contrast uniformly through the scene. Shadow areas reveal more detail without any flare or halation from light sources or bright reflections, even direct shooting into the sun.
A mild flare exists With the Ultra Contrast 5 filter, the dark areas of the leaves and tree trunks show more detail but without the flare from the bright areas around the edges of the backlit leaves. Use Ultra Contrast filters in scenes with sufficient brightness to lower the contrast without the minimal amount of flare produced by the Low Contrast and Soft Contrast filters.