X-Rite ColorChecker Passport

  • Filmtools #: 14963
  • Mfr #: MSCCPP
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Product Features
  • X-Rite ColorChecker Passport
  • In-Camera White Balancing
  • Visual Color Controls
  • Fully Supports the RAW Workflow
  • Maintain Consistent Color Between Different Cameras and Lenses
  • DNG Profiling for RAW Shooters
  • Multiple Targets in One
  • Robust Plastic Case

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The X-Rite ColorChecker Passport lets you ease your workflow in a variety of ways. A creative enhancement target allows one-click warming and cooling, and easy evaluation of shadow details. The classic target is the standard 24 patch for creating DNG profiles. The white balance target allows for a consistent white point for a series of images, saving the need to correct each one later in your work flow.

A protective case keeps your targets safe from damage, and has a built-in stand so you can situate the targets to adjust for any scene. The included software lets you easily build DNG profiles, and profile adjustments can be applied to hundreds of images, allowing hours of manual changes to be completed in a few minutes. The portable, versatile kit is an excellent tool for all photographers, from aspiring amateurs to professionals.

In-Camera White Balancing

Having a consistent white point in a set of images reduces editing time, eliminating the need to individually adapt white points per image.

Visual Color Controls

Check and control shadow details or highlight clipping.

Fully Supports the RAW Workflow

Enables any shot in a representative lighting to be used to create a profile as well as to correct exposure, color and white balance. Corrections from one image can be applied to hundreds of shots taken in the same lighting.

Maintain Consistent Color Between Different Cameras and Lenses

Saves time by ensuring smooth workflow and minimal file handling.

DNG Profiling for RAW Shooters

DNG profiling enables greater capability to calibrate and correct color.

Multiple Targets in One

Keep all your target cards in one easy to carry case.

Robust Plastic Case

Protects target cards against elements, bending, and other damage.