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Advanced Replacement Offer

As a condition of SeaGate's advanced replacement offer (ARO), the Product must be returned to the warehouse within 25 days of creating the ARO. If the Product is not returned to the warehouse within 25 days, a flat rate fee based on capacity may be assessed and charged to your credit or debit card ("Asset Recovery Fee"). If you return the Product to Seagate within 15 days after the Asset Recovery Fee is assessed and charged to your account, you may be eligible to receive a partial or full refund of the Asset Recover Fee, in the discretion of Seagate.

Seagate is not responsible for any overdraft or other fees charged to your account in the event your account contains insufficient funds or credit limits to pay the Asset Recovery Fee. In the event Seagate is not able to collect the Asset Recovery Fee in full, you no longer will be eligible to participate in ARO services. Note for Canadian customers: Additional amounts may be collected by Seagate for reimbursement of GST/HST, and where applicable PST, paid in connection with Seagate's importation of equipment to and on behalf of customers in Canada.

Contact support to make a claim: 1 (405) 324-4700 


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