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Spectra Cine Spot Meter System - Black

  • Advanced and true digital exposure meters
  • Compact and easy to use
  • Most comprehensive, technologically advanced and reliable exposure meter
  • For cinematographers, lighting designers, videographers and professional still photographers

The Spectra Cine Spot Meter System - Black is an advanced and true digital exposure meters. Compact and easy to use, they are the most comprehensive, technologically advanced and reliable exposure meters for cinematographers, lighting designers, videographers and professional still photographers. The Spectra Professional Line of meters have been the industry standard and the choice of professionals for the past 50 years. Spectra has received several International Awards including Six Technical Academy Awards from the Academy Of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, Primetime Engineering Emmy Award from the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, and an Outstanding Achievement in Engineering Development from the American Society Of Lighting Designers for the design, development and manufacture of technically superior products important to these industries.

This compact and user-friendly light meter provides an easy, economical means of making highly accurate measurement of indoor and outdoor light levels. It measures footcandles, lux and instantly calculates Contrast Ratio, Averaging and can store up to 2 readings. Measurement results are displayed on an Electroluminescent backlit Custom LCD. It has a digital f/stop range from f/0.35 to f/128 in 1/10th stop increments and an Analog Bargraph range from f/0.7 to f/45 in 1/3rd stop increments.

The optional Spectra One Degree Photospot is a unique accessory that converts your Spectra Professional meter into a high-sensitivity one degree Spotmeter for narrow-angle reflected-light measurements. Readings are displayed in reflected f/stop or in footlamberts in luminance mode.


  • Professional Exposure Meter IV-A
  • One Degree Photospot P200-SA
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Measuring System Silicon Photovoltaic cell; Computer selected glass filters tailored to spectral response of the film
Measuring Modes Incident and Reflected (Reflected light acceptance angle is 42 degrees square); Average, Normal, Ratio; Footcandles/Lux
Receptor Head Swivel head rotates 270 degrees; Accepts optional one degree spot attachment
Aperture/Shutter Priority Shutter Speed Priority
Display Readout Digital LCD plus analog bargraph; Electro-luminescent lamp for viewing displayed measurements at very low light levels
ISO Range 3 to 8000 in 1/3 increments; Frames per second: 2 to 360 (for motion picture cameras)
f/Stop Display Range Digital f/stop:
      f/.35 to f/128 (in 1/10-stop increments)
Analog f/stop:
      f/0.7 to f/45 (in 1/3stop increments)
Photographic Illuminance:
      Footcandles 0.1 to 70,000 and lux 1 to 100,000

      between from 0.1 to 49.9 in 0.1 footcandle unitsbetween 50-999 in 1 footcandle unitsbetween 1000-70,000 in 10 footcandle units
f/stop difference:
      the difference in f/stop between a new reading and the last memorized measurement is displayed in 1/10th stop increments up to plus or minus 12 f/stops
    Average of two readings and or continuous reading in f-stop and footcandle mode
Shutter Speed Ambient 1/8000 sec to 30 minutes
Shutter Speed Flash Not Applicable NOTE: This meterdoes notmeasure flash exposure.
EV Range (ISO-100) Not Applicable
Cine Speeds 2 to 360 fps; Shutter Angle: 45 to 205 degrees
Exposure Memory "Memory Store" and "Memory Recall" switches: Memory Recall switch is to recall stored reading in memory-1(ml), current reading in memory-2(m2) and or the Ratio, Average and f/stop of the two readings
Shadow/Highlight Calculation Calculates ratio of key plus fill to fill light alone from 1: 1 to 999: 1
Contrast Ratios: Color Film: 1.5: 1 to 5: 1 Black and White Film: 2: 1 to 16: 1
Brightness Difference Resolution: Digital: 0.1 stop; Analog: 0.2 stops Accuracy: Digital 0.05 f/stop
Flash to Ambient Ratio Not Applicable
Multiple Flash Not Applicable
Exposure Calibration IMPORTANT!: You should not attempt to recalibrate the meter yourself. Recalibration of the meter requires both an equipped calibration laboratory and an intimate knowledge of the internal workings of the instrument. A recalibration and maintenance service is available from Spectra Cine, Inc. or an authorized service center for a nominal charge. There are no user-serviceable components inside the meter. Opening the meter will void your warranty. The meter is equipped with an indicator which will signal if the cover has been removed by other than factory authorized personnel.
Power Source One 6 volt battery #s A544,PX28L or PX28; Meter features Low Battery Warning; Flashes "LO BATT" on LCD display and meter will remain operational for approximately 3 hours; When battery is weak "LO BATT" will stay lit and meter will not operate; When battery is dead "LO BATT" will not light up; Auto Power Off: Meter shuts off automatically when not used after one minute.
Dimensions 2.5 x 5.5 x 2" (63.5 x 139.7 x 50.8mm) (WHD)
Weight 6 oz (168 g)
Specialties If the film speed (ISO), frames per second (fps) or exposure time/Still (Time) settings are changed, the f/stops are immediately recalculated and displayed in normal, f/stop difference or average modes
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