Tiffen 4 x 4" Low Contrast 1/8-2 Filters

  • Filmtools #: 9357-etc
  • Mfr #: 44LC1,44LC12, 44LC14, 44LC18, 44LC2
Product Features
  • 4"x4" Low Contrast filter
  • "Localized" flare near highlight areas
  • Spreads light from the highlights to the darker areas
  • Lighter shadows

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Controlling Contrast is difficult in bright sunlit exteriors. Exposing for either highlights or shadows will leave the other severely under-or over-exposed.

Tiffen Filters 4"x4" Low Contrast filters work by spreading light from the highlights to the darker areas.  Shadows are lighter, enabling you to see more detail.  They also create a very slight flare or halation around hot spots which can be a useful effect.  Low Contrast is the filter of choice for people who shoot video but want to achieve more of f film look.

CAT 44LC18, 44LC14, 44LC12, 44LC1, 44LC2