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Lighting For All Conditions

Let's say you need outdoor lighting for video shooting, or standard studio lighting for photography, no matter the condition, we have the lighting equipment and accessories you need. For example, if your production is having trouble finding the best filmmaking lights, we would automatically suggest a great lighting kit like the Dracast Boltray 600 Plus LED Bi-Color 3-Light Kit.

We are fully stocked with LED, fluorescent, tungsten, daylight, and hmi lighting fixtures. Light tubes, quasar lights, light stands, diffusors, lighting control, special fx, fog, and lighting meters anything lighting related you can think of, we have it ready for you.

Why Shop With Us?

Our staff of movie production experts know everything about lighting conditions and techniques. Therefore we're here to deliver the best light products in the market. We also strive to deliver the utmost best customer service, and blazing fast shipping. We are passionate about being the go-to destination for lighting experts, and even those who are learning about film/photo lighting.
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