Filming The Fantastic by Mark Sawicki. 978-0-240-80915-1

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  • Author: Mark Sawicki
  • Paperback: 368 pages
  • Publisher: Focal Press: 2011
  • ISBN: 9780240814735

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Filming the Fantastic, A Guide to Visual Effects Cinematography by Mark Sawicki

Key Features
* Hundreds of full-color set photographs show you exactly how it's done

* Includes step-by-step information on green screen setup

* Real-world examples and exercises throughout

Visual effects cinematography is the art of creating special effects during a film or video shoot using camerawork, optical illusions, and miniatures to create realistic-looking effects. Filming the Fantastic reveals the secrets of achieving these effects to filmmakers on a modest budget. Many effects are now created in postproduction (after the shoot) and require incredibly expensive workstations and 3D animation software that are beyond the reach of independent filmmakers. With this book, filmmakers are empowered to create professional effects during the shoot for little money. Sawicki teaches filmmakers to use their ingenuity get it right the first time, so they don't have to "fix it in post", a notoriously expensive and time-consuming process that derails many movies.

Forced Perspective; Latent Image Matte Painting; Stop Motion and Dynamation; Film and the Photochemical Process; Motion Picture Formats and the Optical Process; Digital Scanning and Recording/Digital Compositing Methods; Cinema and Shooting Elements; Blue and Green Screen Practical Examples; Motion Control vs. Tracking; Creating and Shooting Miniatures; Miniatures vs. Computer Graphics; Shooting Elements: Fire, Explosions, Snow, Bubbles, etc.; Planning for Fixes; Personalities and the Work Environment; Glossary