Single-Camera Video Production by Robert Musburger - 5th ed.

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  • Mfr #: 9780240812649
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  • Author: Robert B. Musburger
  • Paperback: 316 pages
  • Publisher: Focal Press: 2010
  • ISBN: 9780240812649

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Single-Camera Video Production by Robert B. Musburger. Fifth Edition.

Learn about the latest changes to video production technology and the industry.

Find new information about digital production techniques and HD video production.

Acquire the basic knowledge needed to plan, shoot, and edit most field and in-studio video productions.

"The Focal Press Media Manual series sets out to deliver practical advice, technical know-how and practical skills in a direct, no-nonsense way, without information overload, making sure the essentials are all well-covered. Musburger's Single Camera Video Production, now in its fourth edition, faithfully sticks to this format, with surprising clarity for a complex technology...What is really good about this manual is that it explains every aspect of production and every role on set, but also how they dovetail to support each other...This is a manual that as the name suggests, you should keep close at hand. It is invaluable as a quick-access reference...a pocket book that will pay for itself time and time again throughout many productions." -

Single-camera Video Production, Fourth Edition clearly explains the technology and the equipment of video production and details step-by-step the professional-level techniques that can be applied to any type of production or budget. In addition, this manual will train you to integrate technique, equipment, and creative concerns within the production processラfrom preproduction planning through final editing.

This new edition contains more in-depth information about the transition from analog to digital video production and includes the latest information on digital video and HD. It includes expanded coverage of nonlinear editing techniques and features a new organization that follows the actual shooting process more closely.

Single-camera Video Production, Fourth Edition is a comprehensive yet succinct guide to single-camera video production. Written as part of the Focal Press Media Manual series, each page of this helpful guide covers a specific issue in video production and is accompanied by at least one illustration or diagram to further develop the your understanding of the topic.