Streamstar SW 3.0 Live Production Software With 4-Input HDMI and HD-SDI Capture Card

  • Filmtools #: 53486
Product Features
  • Multi-Camera Live Production & Streaming
  • Includes both a 4-Input HDMI and HD-SDI Capture Card
  • Single Operator Touchscreen Interface
  • HD-SDI, HDMI, and IP I/O
  • Internal CG with Templates
  • HD/ISO/Simultaneous PGM Recording and Instant Playback
  • Comprehensive Replay Features
  • Monetizing System 
  • Multi Frame Rate Operation; 4:4:4:4 ARGB

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The Streamstar SW 3.0 Live Production Software With 4-Input HDMI and HD-SDI Capture Card is a comprehensive production and streaming software that enables live, multi-camera video with advanced and innovative features. The revolutionary touch screen user interface makes editing quick and easy while retaining some of the most advanced features on the platform to date. The live production studio features HD-SDI. HDMI, and IP input/output; cut/crossfade/transitions/automated switching modes; MPEG-TS and RTMP streaming; instant replays with slow motion playback and replays, lead in/out animations, maxtrix playout with playlists and much more. The Streamstar SW 3.0 Live Production Software With 4-Input HDMI and HD-SDI Capture Card also offers a monetizing system with advertising statistics, 4 layers of DSK, internal CG with templates and instant and unlimited video clip playback. The system manages multi frame rate 60/50 fps operation and true 4:4:4:4 ARGB video processing.The included cards make it easy to start capturing footage through HDMI and HD-SDI inputs. 


  • Intuitive and easy-to-use touch screen interface
  • 4x IP stream input (no capture device needed)
  • 4x HDMI and/or HD-SDI input with additional capture devices
  • 4x NDI input
  • IP Video Stream Inputs from JVC streaming camcorders support
  • IP Input for SCOREPLUS – scores, timers and titles app.
  • External signal ingest with Keying (for PowerPoint, Keynote, Skype, GoPro or even a smart phone camera etc.)
  • 1x HDMI/Display Port Video Out - multiview or PGM (GPU based)
  • up to 1080p streaming @ maximum 10 Mbps
  • HD-SDI video out with additional output devices
  • Cut/Crossfade/Transitions automated switching modes
  • Instant replays with slow motion playback on all cameras
  • Dynamic replay camera switching
  • Autocut - automatic camera switching after replays/media
  • Sequential replay playback with automation
  • Replays recording on all cameras
  • Replay lead in / out animations
  • Replays matrix playout system with playlists
  • Ingest on/off automation in replays
  • Monetizing system with advertising statistics
  • 4 layers of DSK – CG/images/animations with transparency
  • Internal character generator with templates
  • Instant, unlimited video clips playback – No transcoding!
  • Unlimited playlists – Media management/playout system
  • PIP and Split screen layouts
  • Integrated JVC camcorder remote control
  • HD recording (PGM)
  • ISO recording (all cameras)
  • PGM stream recording (simultaneous)
  • 2nd display multiview grid
  • Multi framerate 50fps / 60fps operation
  • True 4:4:4:4 ARGB video processing
  • Full featured audio mixer
  • Built-in Streamstar® Encoder
  • Popular streaming platforms integration
  • Facebook Live direct streaming integration
  • Touch ccreen control, Single operator production
  • Keyboard shortcuts

New to the SW 3.0 

Dynamic Replay Camera Switching
Enables switching of individual camera angles during replay playback. It's just like switching live cameras, but within one replay set and in slow motion.

Sequential Replay Playback
Play multiple camera angles within a replay set in sequence. Tap multiple replay camera buttons and the replays will play in sequence in that order.

Replay Playlists, Names, and Notes
Add individual camera replays to playlists to instantly create blocks of highlights or best scenes, ready to be fired up at any time.

Individual Replay Camera Favorites
Mark individual camera replays as favorites, which improves orientation in large numbers of replays.

Large Replay Previews
Replay preview player size was significantly enlarged to give users better visual control and greater operational comfort.

MPEG-TS Streaming
Simultaneously send MPEG-TS streams along with RTMP and SDI out. This capability is greatly expanding the range of applications and remote production options of the system.

Internal Character Generator
Create lower thirds, titles, subtitles, crawls, tickers and any kind of text objects. Ready to use graphic templates are provided.

JVC Camcorders Remote Control IP Based Remote ProductionClose collaboration of JVC and Streamstar resulted in a full integration of JVC camcorder functionality in Streamstar SW. Up to 6 JVC camcorders can be remotely controlled over IP, directly from the Streamstar SW user interface. Their IP video stream output is used in Streamstar live production systems regardless of their location.