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Affirm Monthly Payments

Monthly Payments, On the Go

Affirm is a quick, easy service for you as a customer to buy your needs by making monthly payments. There are no hidden fees or deferred interest. You pay exactly what is shown to you upon checkout with Affirm

You as the customer get the option to pay for items on a 3, 6 or 12 month plan with 10-30% APR depending on your information you provided at checkout.

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Affirm Instant Approval

Instant Approval

You might think that this is a long and tedious process. It's not! Affirm works with us by performing a credit check based on the information you provide and instantly provides their decision.

Once you've selected and paid using Affirm, they will send a confirmation notice to you. To provide a little more flexibility, they will remind you of payments through text or email.

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Affirm Support

Real Support

Affirm HQ, based in San Francisco, has a team ready to assist you with any questions that they can help you with.

If you feel like you need to contact them, you can contact them through help@affirm.com or by calling 855-423-3729.


Does Affirm perform a credit check?
Yes, when you first create an Affirm account, they perform a ‘soft’ credit check to help verify your identity and determine your eligibility for financing. This ‘soft’ credit check will not affect your credit score. If you apply for more loans with Affirm, they may perform additional ‘soft’ credit checks to ensure that they offer you the best financing options possible.
What information does Affirm require?
Your Affirm account is created using your name, email, mobile phone number, birthday, and the last 4 digits of your SSN. This combination helps Affirm verify and protect your identity.
Why was I prompted to pay a down payment with a debit card?
Affirms tries hard to approve every purchase but sometimes can't approve the full amount. When this happens, Affirm provides a debit card down payment option so that you may still complete your purchase right away.
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