Tether Tools TetherCling - LensCling Cleaning Kit

  • Removes dust, oil, smudges and dirt
  • Safe to use with phones, tablet displays, computer screens, and optics of all kinds
  • Privacy Shield covers webcams to prevent unwanted access and hides LED indicator lights
  • Conveniently stick to your lenshood
  • Simply peel off and clean

The Tether Tools TetherCling - LensCling Cleaning Kit is a kit that comes with cleaning cloth and a CamShield that is used to help protect and cover devices. With the self-adhesive clings, it easily sticks to the lens hood or other devices. This allows easy removable of smudgets and dirt from any optics, devices, or eyeglasses.

Simply peel off the clear backing and attach a cling to your surface of choice. The durable microfiber can be removed and restuck many times, and then hand washed to restore stickiness. LensClings are safe to use with phone and tablet displays, computer screens, lenses, and optics of all kinds.

The LensCling Kit includes four microfiber cloths, each measuring 2" square. Additionally, one ¼" Camera Privacy CamShield can be used to cover the webcam of laptops, tablets and phones, rendering the camera inaccessible to unwanted parties when not in use. If you need to use the webcam, just stick the CamShield to the side, and then replace it when finished. Its small size won't interfere with a laptop case, smart cover or closing the device. The CamShield can also hide LED indicator lights on TVs, alarm clocks, alarm systems and other electronic devices to maintain darkened rooms at night.

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